A holistic wellbeing destination spa

Luxury and sophistication is enhanced through KNX

Euphoria Retreat, is a 5 star retreat, located within the Unesco World Heritage site of Mystras at the foot hills of Mount Taygetos of Peloponnese. Stands out for its unique architectural design, inspired by Byzantium, surrounded by its private forest overlooking a colorful citrus valley. Euphoria Retreat has been nominated in the World Luxury Spa Awards and is the first Wellbeing Destination Spa in Greece.

The Retreat’s holistic wellbeing philosophy, aims to provide physical and emotional transformation. The Signature Retreats are specially created to achieve harmony and balance between body mind and soul. The luxury hotel, offers a unique healing environment, with treatments and therapies that blend ancient Hellenic and Chinese philosophies and practices. The hotel’s fully-automated system utilizes advanced building control technology and associated solutions.


Incorporate the latest control technology throughout the hotel to create an entirely new level of guest experience, with a focus on comfort, digital control and convenience.

The Challenge

  • Be a world-class, state-of-the-art hotel that is innovative, reliable, and safe for its customers.
  • Control costs without compromising high standards for exceptional guest comfort and satisfaction 
  • Improve the quality and safety of power consumption, eliminate hidden dangers, and reduce energy costs
  • Meet the rising demand for hotels due to active promotion of wellness tourism

The solution

Greater reliability, sustainability and efficiency

  • KNX and homeLYnk web server
  •  Integrated systems increase energy efficiency, operational efficiency, and guest comfort 
  • Real-time control and optimization 
  • Innovative digital solutions reduce high energy consumption 
  • Utilizes additional offers to achieve sustainability goals and enhance the guest experience.

The result

  • One integrated control system through cutting-edge digital technology that automates room control, HVAC, lighting, blinds, energy usage, concierge services
  • It’s seamless and comfortable for everyone, providing an advanced level of monitoring and control to help ensure every event runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. 
  • Expected energy & operational savings of more than 20%
  • Guest satisfaction levels far above the benchmark
  • Integrated systems increase energy efficiency, operational efficiency, and guest comfort

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