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Boost new buildings’ performance and operating efficiency while reducing energy costs

As the demand for reliable and clean energy continues to grow worldwide, the need for better energy management is becoming increasingly necessary. So, in 2017 the technical service of the Kalamatas’ Μunicipality contacted with ELEMSI to place a new system that get a clear picture of the energy loading during peak usage in the new building of Municipality.
The installation of the Energy Management System(EMS) took the control of energy usage with real-time visualization and understanding of where and how energy is wasted, allowing change the consumption patterns and turn complex power analysis into simple, actionable information. The EMS provides real-time visibility into energy costs and performance, allowing to enhance the efficiency of the whole building.


The Municipality of Kalamata aims to improve energy consumption and accountability by ensuring energy availability and increasing energy quality.

The Needs

  • Develop solutions that maintain the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Eco-friendly working environment.
  • Demand for energy is expected to increase by about 30% and electricity demand will grow by at least 40% the next decades.
  • Energy represents 30% of the cost of office building and is the major operating cost of ownership.


  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Energy efficiency analysis
  • Energy accounting
  • Collect data from different type of meters and data concentrators
  • Digitalization of energy data
  • Reduce peak demand and power factor penalties


  • Alarming system implementation
  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Get instant alerts when issues arise
  • Transparency over energy consumption and detailed analytics
  • Energy efficiency improvements through real-time energy monitoring, advanced analysis, benchmarking and forecasting


  • Gain insights into energy consumption and asset status
  • Improve control of energy costs
  • Increase maintenance efficiency
  • Reduce operation costs
  • Reduce energy bill
  • Monitor electrical equipment and key assets
  • Improve response to power related issues
  • Detect faults and diagnose key electrical problems
  • Support in ISO 50001 implementation

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