Our Team

Our employees are dedicated professionals that pay attention to every aspect and detail of each project.

As a qualified partner of leading manufacturing companies, ELEMSI has engineers and electricians who develop the best skills in the business. Ensure their continuous training in everything new, while achieving their evolutionary course.
You introduce the problem 
...we offer the solution
Dimitris Stamatelopoulos
Founding & Managing Director
Eleni Theodorakopoulou
Marketing & Business Administrator
Kiriakos Michos
Engineer Manager
Konstantinos Nikas
Electrical & Automation Technician
Vaggelis Kokkinis
Electrical & Automation Technician
Vaggelis Vasilogiannis
Electrical & Automation Technician
Christos Chouseas
Mechanical Engineer
64 Athinon str.
Kalamata Greece
PC: 24100
t. +30 27210 24379
t. +30 27211 10353
e. info@elemsi.com
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electrical & mechanical system integration
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