Piraeus Bank

Integration, efficiency and control of BMS

In 2018 Piraeus Bank was looking to upgrade and expand the bank’s automation system, they chose to partner with ELEMSI, to create offices that would cater for today’s demands, while offer ideal working conditions. The integrated solution offering easy operation, reporting, monitoring, and ensured air quality and HVAC performance. In addition, the integration is connected with local and remote BMS. Most importantly, helps them maintain a healthy indoor environment to ensure staff efficiency and satisfaction.

During the project, various devices were installed including sensors, meters and programmable operating devices from EcoStruxure products by Schneider Electric. Energy and water consumption is also being monitored. The data generated by these facilities is collected by the energy management system which already have been installed by third parties. It is then used to systematically compare energy consumption, distributed by type of load and under varying conditions.

Building automation work also involved upgrading all HVAC installations for full control. The stores had different HVAC systems from different brands (Fan Coils, Split units, VRF, HRV etc), so we integrate the universal HVAC bridge CoolMasterNet Gateway by Cool Automation.  Schedules, calendars, optimal start stop, free cooling, dynamic temperature value calculated by the pmv method are some of the solutions we applied .

A flexible and complementary solution

ELEMSI’s integrated building automation solution is an end-to-end system for the control of HVAC terminal equipment, lighting and DHW. The value and efficiency of assets throughout a building's life cycle, and create productive, state-of-the-art workspaces for employees. In addiction the selected building automation products and solution have the EN 15232 standard of Building Automation Controls & Building Management .


Replace outdated and disparate BMS equipment with a scalable solution to Piraeus bank stores around Greece with an expansion project and its environmental and economic goals.                                                                                                                        


Discover innovations for building automation and management systems that make bank buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable, regardless of size.

  • Building Operational Efficiency
  • EN 15232 standard for ideal Building Automation Controls & Building Management
  • Thermal Comfort complies with ASHRAE Standard 55-2017
  • 20% expected energy and operational savings combined
  • based entirely on the BACnet protocol
  • Building monitoring, analysis, control and automation systems
  • control system: HVAC and lighting and, with supervision, in a fully automatic mode of operation


The portfolio of software and services deliver information and support to maintain performance and manage costs throughout a building’s life cycle.

  • Manage the entire building life cycle from initial commissioning, to maintenance
  • Facilitate monitoring and continuous operation
  • Workplace Efficiency
  • Room controls, space management efficiency, and information services for employees
  • Analytics for detailed awareness 
  • Smart space management and energy efficiency savings.
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