The Victoria Karelias Collection of Traditional Greek Costumes - Under KNX Control

When Victoria Karelia starts to create the unique museum of Traditinal Greek Costumes at 2017, KNX technology has been implemented as the platform for the environmental controls. ELEMSI has been appointed to supply and install fully integrated solutions to provide central and remote point of control including: 

  • Lighting status
  • HVAC control
  • Security & Safety
  • Operation & Visualisation
  • Automation & Remote Access
  • Energy management & control
  • Metering & Monitoring application

The main goal is to use KNX devices for real-time building administration, optimize resort services and offer a modern experience for the visitors.

Protocols included:

  • DMX protocol for lighting settings
  • Modbus protocol for energy management

Key Requirements:

  • DIII-net protocol for AC temperature control
  • install equipment that could offer a level of functionality that met visitors’ needs
  • Safety for the unique traditional customs collection
  • Maximize natural daylight.
  • Flexibility for future lighting changes
  • Automated testing out of hours
  • Real time displays of lighting status.
  • Safety environment for the unique exhibits

KNX Features:

  • KNX achieves complicated lighting control strategies.
  • Facility for limitless expansion
  • Integration of many different KNX compliant products
  • Control of public areas and back of museum areas.
  • Lighting control panels to match electrical distribution zones
  • LED emergency lighting with KNX gateway
  • Local lighting controls and occupancy detectors.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple configuration and management interface
  • Communication with other protocols via gateways
  • Best solution for managing a complex environment
  • Intelligent solutions ensured smooth operation of all systems
  • Ensuring an excellent user experience for visitors
  • Endless flexibility and personalization
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